Must Need to Know Can You Eat Skittles With Braces

Can You Eat Skittles With Braces?

Many young and kids favorite candy is skittles when they are getting orthodontic treatment asking can you eat skittles with braces, skittles are fruits flavored and complex types of candy and orthodontic treatment not allowed to eat with braces.

If you are a lover of skittles, you need to reduce your habit to get a beautiful smile; the dentist not allowing any kind of hard foods, crunchy, sugary liquid, and hard candy is harmful to your orthodontic treatment. Many other hard chocolates need to avoid.

There is alternative candy you can consume with braces, most of the kids can’t stay without skittles, and other chocolate, so let’s talk about how you can consume skittles during orthodontic treatment and what you have to avoid.

Can You Eat Skittles with Braces?

Most of the patient asks a question: Can you eat skittles with braces, direct replay is no you can’t consume skittles with braces, skittles is sticky types of candy that will damage your brackets and wires and dentist always discourage to avoid such kind candy.

Skittles is a bit hard candy; if you have a habit of eating skittles, you need to minimize it because it might break your braces or bend also; it can also increase cavities and bacteria and tooth decay problems.

If the skittles stuck under the wire, it would pop off your brackets while eating. You need to put more pressure on your teeth and braces; it might create pain in your teeth and tooth; if you consume more, it will lose your brackets and wire, which will cause the wrong push direction of your teeth.

When you wear braces, you need to avoid all kinds of hard candy and foods such a popcorn, nuts, skittles, m & ms, Jelly beans, Necco wafers, Pop rocks, Nik-L-Nips wax bottles, Sugar, caramel pops, milk, Nerds, Jawbreakers, etc.

The dentist cannot eat skittles with braces; however, if you are consuming, you have to brush and floss your teeth every corner and wash your mouth correctly.

Why Can’t You Eat Skittles with Braces?

Many people confuse why you can’t eat skittles with braces, skittles are high sugar content, and skittles are sticky-type candy. It stuck quickly with brackets and wires, sugary candy increase cavities in your teeth, skittles will damage your braces.

If the skittles are stuck between braces and teeth, It might cause discomfort or pain in your mouth, and skittles are tiny pieces it can easily stick inside the braces or teeth that will make you lose your brackets bacteria issues.

If the skittles get stuck in the wrong place, then it’s tough to remove even you floss and brush the bottom to the line, and it will make irritation in your mouth, and keep in your remember wrong food can lose your teeth and braces, which will be poor bond with braces and unsatisfactory result.

Many times, patients inquiring can you eat skittles if they have braces; the direct answer is not you can’t eat skittles with orthodontic treatment; if you wearing Invisalign aligners, it’s okay, but for the braces, you have to avoid otherwise, skittles will slow down your treatment process and result.

How To Eat Skittles With Braces?

Most of the patients making the bad habit of eating food and candy with braces; if you are eating wrong foods with braces, it will impact your braces treatment result and your beautiful smiles, so let’s talk about how to eat skittles with braces to avoid damage your brackets and wires.

  1. Need to choose soft types of candy
  2. Chew slowly don’t give more pressure on your teeth and braces
  3. Try to get a sugar free skittles or gum
  4. If the big candy sizes make it small sizes
  5. After finishing, floss and brush your teeth, as well as wash your mouth

Are Skittles Bad for Your Health?

Possible side effects for short-term

  • Sugar rush
  • Blood sugar spike
  • Hyperactivity

Possible side effects for the short- term?

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

Ingredients to be aware of skittles?

  • Artificial colors
  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Hydrogenated oils

Skittles Confectionery?

Skittles is a candy that is fruits flavored its sugar high contain and corn syrup and fruits juice and citrus acid, artificial and nature flavored, its make with many colors, and different flavored such an orange, lemon, strawberry, green apple, lime, and wildberry.

  • Vitamin C – 31% 26 gm
  • Vitamin Quantity
  • Vitamin A equiv – 0%
  • Sodium is – 1% 15.1 gm
  • Sugars – 76.6 g
  • Energy – (400 kcal) 1,680 kJ
  • Fat is – 4.4 g

Conclusion: A lot of patients asking a question can you eat skittles with braces, the reply is you can’t consume with braces, its harmful for your braces treatment, and dentist not allowed to consume any type of sticky candy or hard foods if you any doubt you need to discuss with your dentist for a proper guide. Thanks!

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