What is Tooth Filling? Does it hurt? How is it done?

What is tooth filling

Tooth filling is a procedure performed to give the teeth a more aesthetically pleasing appearance or to eliminate existing problems.

This procedure, which is performed by dentists, cannot be done for children. We can state that only adults can benefit from the filling process.

Of course, we will also talk about how the tooth filling process is done, whether this process harms the teeth and similar issues.

But first, let’s consider in more detail why the filling is needed for teeth.

What Does Tooth Filling Mean?

A Tooth filling is a dental treatment needed by many people for different reasons. The reasons for this treatment affect the treatment process and technique.

If you are not satisfied that your teeth are too long or are crooked compared to your other teeth, you are likely to prefer this procedure.

If you want to file your teeth because your teeth are long, it is checked whether this is possible with the help of braces beforehand.

If the desired image is not achieved after the process is completed, then the filling method is started.

If this image is formed due to the recession of your gums, the process of completing the gums is performed.

Tooth filling is one of the least preferred procedures and is a dangerous treatment method.

A wrong intervention on the teeth can cause cracks. These cracks, on the other hand, can reach fractures over time.

Why is Tooth Filling Performed?

Although it is mostly performed for aesthetic purposes, tooth filling can also be done to eliminate some problems. In general, we can give a shortlist of reasons:

  • Formation of a layer on the tooth
  • Teeth longer than ideal size
  • Fracture of teeth
  • Having crooked teeth
  • Significant size difference between teeth
  • Presence of roughness that disturbs the person
  • Desiring to apply porcelain veneer to teeth

Of course, the factors listed above are the most common reasons for rasping teeth. At the same time, it may be preferable to perform this procedure depending on some specific reasons.

How Is Tooth Filing Performed?

First of all, we should state that tooth filling should definitely be done by specialist dentists.

Doing it haphazardly can cause serious and permanent damage to the teeth rather than solving the existing problem.

Before starting the filling process, the mouth and teeth must be examined. Because in case of some discomfort, it may be necessary to postpone the correction process in the teeth and to eliminate these health problems first.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to investigate whether there is a problem with teeth or gums.

In the next step, a mouth film should be taken. A detailed examination of the tooth roots can also be provided and possible dental caries can be detected.

Then, in order for the patient to pass this process more comfortably, the area to be treated is anesthetized and the rasping phase is started.

The shaping of the teeth in every patient does not require rasping at the same rate. In some patients, the desired appearance can be achieved with a very small rasping.

However, in some patients, this procedure may need to be done more intensively. It is ensured that the required amount of filling is done in order to obtain the desired appearance or to eliminate the existing problem.

Does Tooth Filling Damage Teeth?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether tooth filling will damage the teeth.

We can say that especially those who want to benefit from dental veneer application are more interested in this subject.

Tooth filling, which is done in a controlled manner by the dentist, does not harm the teeth.

However, it should be noted that this procedure cannot be performed on decayed teeth. It is not possible to file after the treatment of caries.

The reason is that it may be inconvenient to perform this procedure on teeth that have been filled. In case of rasping on decayed or filled teeth, sensitivity may develop in the teeth.

The development of sensitivity to hot and cold food is a very uncomfortable situation for the person.

Does Tooth Filling Hurt?

As with many different dental treatments, local anesthesia is applied before tooth filing. In other words, the area to be treated is provided to match.

For this reason, negative feelings such as pain, aches, pains, or cramps are not experienced while filling.

This process is completed in a very comfortable way for the patient. It is not uncommon to experience pain after the procedure.

Only a large number of patients may experience such pain or suffering. This feeling disappears in a short time.

People with a low pain threshold can use painkillers recommended by the dentist when they experience pain after the procedure.

However, we can state that most of the time, patients do not even need to use painkillers. As a result, this procedure is not painful and does not force patients.

How much cost for Tooth Filling?

Of course, patients may wonder how much they should allocate for tooth filling. However, we cannot talk about a clear price in this regard.

The reason is that the prices can be different from each other. How many teeth and how much to file, whether there is a need for another procedure before or after the filling, and even the experience of the dentist affects the prices of this procedure.

When patients do price research in this area, they may encounter different numbers from each other, and this is extremely normal.

Therefore, talking about a net price can be misleading. It would be more accurate to request an appointment and be examined first, and then request price information.

How much cost for Serrated Tooth Filling?

If the teeth are excessively rough or have a jagged structure, tooth rasping needs to be done more intensively. In this case, it may be necessary to allocate a higher budget.

However, it can be misleading for patients to talk about a price for filling serrated teeth. Because in this case, prices may vary depending on many different factors.

What Should Be Considered After Tooth Filling?

Of course, after tooth rasping, patients need to pay attention to some issues. First of all, the teeth must be protected.

It would be beneficial to take a break from the consumption of hard foods for a while. Hard foods can damage the teeth and an undesirable picture may occur.

In addition, toothpaste recommended by the dentist should be used after the procedure.

Paying attention to the nutrition of the patient is also important in terms of meeting the daily vitamin and mineral needs.

Because meeting the vitamin and mineral needs of the body is also important in terms of dental health.

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