You Need To Know Can You Eat Marshmallows With Braces

Many people ask a question when getting orthodontic treatment can eat marshmallows with braces, braces allowing you to consume most of the foods and candy except sticky, crunchy, and hard foods? It’s harmful to your orthodontic treatment. If you’re a marshmallow lover, you have to minimize your habit of eating marshmallows with braces dentist cannot … Read more

Everybody Need to Know Can You Eat Steak with Braces

Many people have a question: Can you eat steak with braces, orthodontic treatment, especially braces allowing you to eat most of the foods, accept all kinds of hard and sticky foods that are harmful to your wires and brackets, as well as liquid types of drinks. If you have a habit of eating meat, you … Read more

Learn All About Can You Get Braces While Pregnant

Many people have a question can you get braces while pregnant? The good things are yes, why not? You can get braces during pregnancy? There are no issues. It’s entirely safe for your new baby and your health. Also, the good thing is there are no types of emergency dental problems. But before your planning to … Read more

Can You Get Invisalign with Crowns

Many patients ask the question, can you get Invisalign with crowns? The good news is yes, why not? You can get Invisalign with a crown, Invisalign aligners are not like braces, Invisalign aligners have an advantage it’s removable, and it’s crafted with clear plastic and it’s very smooth. Invisalign aligners trays are trendy and practical … Read more