What is Tooth Filling? Does it hurt? How is it done?

Tooth filling is a procedure performed to give the teeth a more aesthetically pleasing appearance or to eliminate existing problems. This procedure, which is performed by dentists, cannot be done for children. We can state that only adults can benefit from the filling process. Of course, we will also talk about how the tooth filling … Read more

What is Temporary Filling, How Long Does It Last?

Before your dental treatment, “What is a temporary filling? and How is it done?” You can feel more comfortable during the procedure by learning. The temporary filling allows your decayed teeth to continue to function without the need for extraction. Teeth can rot due to genetic factors, heavy consumption of sugary foods, insufficient attention to … Read more

What to Do If Tooth Filling Falls Out?

What to do if a tooth filling falls out? Although the life of dental fillings has been prolonged with the development of medical technologies, there is a possibility of leakage, breakage, and falling of each filling. Filling loss can occur due to many reasons. The most common causes are: Formation of new decay in the … Read more

Home remedies for bad breath? When to see a doctor

Whose mouth does not smell bad even after brushing regularly. The confidence of such people decreases. He hesitates to even talk to others. Home remedies for bad breath? Bad breath or halitosis is a very serious problem that can lower your confidence level. There can be many reasons for bad breath, such as smoking, dryness … Read more

What is orthodontic wax? Benefits, How to use

When correcting the dentition with a bracket system, its installation and periodic preventive examinations are not limited. Almost all patients are advised to use orthodontic wax for braces – it is not difficult to buy this substance at a pharmacy, it is sold almost everywhere. Contents [hide] In the article, we will consider what it … Read more

How long will I have to wear braces?

It really depends on how much work there is and how far your teeth need to be moved. Stable braces usually take between 12 and 24 months, but they can take longer if the problem is severe. Removable braces usually take less time than fixed braces. You may need to wear removable braces before and … Read more