Is it possible to drink alcohol? Before and After tooth extraction

For many patients, the question is extremely relevant it possible to drink alcohol before and after tooth extraction. First, you need to understand that this is a surgical operation, after which a deep wound is formed. The patient, like the attending physician, is interested in speeding healing without complications. To do this, you must strictly follow … Read more

Is it possible to fix crooked teeth fast?

Dental misalignments are a problem that affects oral health and smile aesthetics. For this reason, those with this condition want options to fix crooked teeth quickly in order to see results as soon as possible. But is it possible to do the treatment in a shorter period to have a symmetrical smile without having to … Read more

Is it safe to go to the dentist during covid-19?

During the coronavirus epidemic, dentists are changing the way they perform dental care so that it is safer to go to the dentist. We are already operating in our dental clinic with 90% of our capacity in terms of available hours and staff, but with enhanced biological safety. At the beginning of the pandemic, the … Read more

Can you eat mcdonalds with braces?

The first step towards a healthy and beautiful smile. But for the duration of your conservative treatment, you need to be careful about what you are eating, including braces. Many fast-food restaurants are short of brace-friendly foods. Fortunately, most McDonald’s menus are still accessible. Make sure you understand what food is safe to wear while … Read more

What to do after removing a wisdom tooth

The most challenging procedure extraction of figure eight is the most challenging procedures. This is because the third molar very often develops and grows abnormally, has a complex root system, especially in the lower jaw. To extract it, the gum tissue is cut, part of the bone is removed, the root is divided into fragments. … Read more