What Happens If You Don’t Wear Your Retainer

Nowadays, a ubiquitous question for the patient is what happens if you don’t wear your retainer? It will affect your teeth. It’s a risk of your teeth, and the tooth without retainer teeth will move back into normal position. After your orthodontic treatment, you need to maintain your teeth; after braces take off or Invisalign aligners … Read more

Quick Tips Can You Chew Gum with A Retainer

Many people ask a question while they are wearing a retainer. Can you chew gum with a retainer, chew gum orthodontic treatment, not allowing the dentist to chew with traditional braces, Invisalign, or retainers? See the chewing gum; it’s sticky type it will stick under your retainer. Chew gum has many types of benefits. If … Read more